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Join Team Huly at Hardcore Engineering

Published on: March 22, 2024

Hey global innovators! 🌏✨

We’re Hardcore Engineering, the US-based startup, and brains behind the open-source project management platform Huly. We’re the folk who left the red tape in the rearview and sped ahead full-throttle into creating cool, collaborative software. We’re fully remote, from Mexico and Uruguay to Georgia and Kazakhstan.

What’s Cooking at Huly?

Think of a one-stop solution that’s chasing the tail of Jira, Slack, Notion, and their cousins. That’s us – but with more zest and less complexity. Check out our open-source goods on GitHub under Huly and savor our flagship product over at

We’re Scouting for Talent!

Whether you’re a code whisperer, a QA ninja, design maestro, or a product wizard, you’ve got a spot here. Marketing mavens and sales strategists, too – we need your brains!

  • Software Engineers: Years of experience? Tech Stack? Meh. What’s written in your toolkit isn’t our focus. Did we say TypeScript? Sure, but we weren’t even pals with JavaScript until we started Huly. Didn’t deter us though! Here’s the scoop: if you can craft code, we want you. The more remarkable engineers, the merrier. There’s no cap on talent!

  • Software QA Engineers: There’s no such thing as too many tests, we live by that. And your eyes for detail? Always invaluable. QA spots are forever open.

  • Product Visionaries: Got an uber-cool product idea cooking? We’re all ears and ready for you to lead the charge!

  • Marketing & Sales: We admit it, marketing and sales aren’t our forte – we need wizards like you to join the bandwagon!

How to Jump Onboard

Forget about a polished resume or a suave interview. Show us what you’ve got by contributing to our project on GitHub. Whether it’s code, documentation, or constructive criticism – if it adds value, you’re in. Drop us a note or your GitHub link (if you’re fond of it) at [email protected].

Thanks for stopping by,
Andrey Platov,
Architect @ Huly & Hardcore Engineering