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Published on: March 14, 2024

We are always looking for talented individuals eager to join the Huly team.

What do we do?

We work in two main areas:

  • A family of integrated products for software development teams. Essentially, this is an operating system for developers. Roughly speaking, think JIRA + JIRA plugins, or something akin to JetBrains Space. We aim to cover the entire development cycle, from requirements management to testing management, and more. For example, we are currently working on a QMS module necessary for teams developing software for medical devices (as well as automotive or aerospace). Future plans include modules for managing graphic assets for game development companies, powerful integration with Figma, and much more.
  • A family of integrated products for businesses (CRM, HRM, Recruiting, Chat, Project and Process Management, and so on). Roughly, this story is similar to Bitrix24, and we want to create something that could be called an operating system for business.

Overall, we are not trying to clone existing products; we have plenty of ideas on how to increase the productivity of software teams and businesses with a great product.

All these things are based on our open source platform, which can be explored here: And of course, it’s worth checking out our flagship product Huly.

Who are we looking for?

We are always on the lookout for talented programmers, QA, designers (UI/UX), and product designers. We’re searching for product and project managers, marketers, growth specialists, and anyone who could help with product development.

Salaries are competitive at the European level.


We’re not interested in how many years of experience you have or what your “stack” is. Almost all of Huly is written in TypeScript, but none of the Huly programmers had any experience with TypeScript before joining the team. Moreover, we started Huly without experience in JavaScript, and we had never developed web applications before.

Of course, we had no experience with React or Vue. Initially, the platform was written in Vue (and very successfully), but then we switched to Svelte for various reasons. Whether you have experience with Svelte or not is also not a concern for us.

The above does not mean that Huly is the brainchild of inexperienced programmers. The people who started Huly have decades of programming experience and millions of lines of code written. Simply, for professional reasons, we ignored everything related to JavaScript and web development. TypeScript changed everything, allowing us to dive into this world.

Open Source

Almost everything you see on is available as source code here:

Programmers often get upset about having to work with “crappy code,” so we give you the link to the code and architecture you will be working with. We have no illusions about the internals of what we’ve built and can point out thousands of flaws and things we’d like to change. But we show our codebase upfront so everyone can make an informed decision. Some may decide this codebase is not for them. Others may see potential and join the team.

Product Managers

We work on various projects, from business automation tools (like CRM) and productivity tools to team/project management and specialized tools for software development teams.

If you have a vision for a cool product in any area, including those not listed above, we’d be very happy to chat.

Marketing and Sales

We don’t understand marketing and sales, but we’re eager to find those who do. If you’re interested in joining the team, write to us.

Quality Assurance

There’s no such thing as too many tests; QA engineers are always in demand.

The Team

As of March 2024, there are 14 of us. The team is fully distributed. The common language of communication is English, but knowing English is not mandatory. One of the team members does not speak English at all, and we manage. This also doesn’t mean that people must speak English among themselves; speak whatever language you prefer, even Hindi.


You can read about what it’s like to work at Huly and our culture here: Culture at Huly.

How to Join the Team

If you’re interested in working with us, don’t worry about your resume. The most successful hires in my life have been when the candidate, for example, had no so-called commercial experience, like a student programmer who got a job and spent a month

tweaking WebSphere configuration (that’s his entire work experience at companies), or a girl right out of university with her thesis topic in her CV (by the way, after working with us for several years, she landed a job at Google in California). In other words, resumes that any HR of even the most backward company would instantly reject at the door.

If you’re interested and feel you could be useful, send a cover letter to [email protected]. If you have a resume — attach it; it will give us more to talk about. If you have a GitHub — send it over, but the simplest and most reliable way to join the team is to make some meaningful contribution to the project: It doesn’t necessarily have to be code (like a bug fix); it could be documentation, constructive criticism, or anything that might be valuable to the project.

Thank you, The Huly Team.