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Join Our Global Team at Huly

Published on: March 22, 2024

Attention innovators and dreamers from around the globe!

Join us at Huly by Hardcore Engineering, where bureaucracy takes a backseat to creativity and innovation in software collaboration. Fully remote, our team spans from Mexico and Uruguay to Georgia and Kazakhstan, all sharing a passion for crafting next-level tools for software development teams and businesses alike.

Who We Are and What We’re Building

We’re hard at work creating a unified suite of development and business solutions - think Jira meets JetBrains Space plus an array of tools like CRM, HRM, and project management, all with less complexity and more ‘wow’. Whether you’re into managing graphics assets for game development, improving our QMS module for medical software, or revolutionizing productivity tools, we’ve got ambitious plans and we want your help to realize them. Explore our open-source platform here and check our flagship product at

Join Our Ranks

Whether you’re a code savant, a detail-oriented QA, a design virtuoso, or an innovative product manager, there’s a place for you at Huly. And if you’re a marketing guru or sales whiz, your expertise is crucial to our journey.

Coding Enthusiasts: Don’t sweat years of experience or a polished tech stack. At Huly, it’s all about passion and potential. TypeScript might be our go-to, but our door is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never touched JavaScript before. Check out our source code at Huly GitHub and make your mark!

Quality Assurance Gurus: Think there’s no such thing as too many tests? So do we. Join us and put your eye for detail to the test!

Product Pioneers: If you’ve got a vision for a groundbreaking product, we’re ready to back it. Share your brightest ideas and lead the development of new tools and features!

Marketing & Sales Virtuosos: Our passion is building stellar software—not selling it. That’s where you come in. Help us connect our innovations with the people who need them most.

Culture and How to Get Aboard

Our culture thrives on diversity, collaboration, and openness, ready to welcome team members who speak any language. For a peek into life at Huly, check out our culture.

Ready to join us? Ditch the formal resume and let your contributions speak for you. Start by making a tangible impact on our GitHub projects. Anything that adds value is your ticket in—be it code, documentation, or actionable feedback.

To start the conversation, send your cover letter, GitHub profile, or even just a ‘hey’ to [email protected].

Welcome aboard,
Andrey Platov,
Architect at Huly & Hardcore Engineering