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Alternative to Linear, Jira, Slack, Notion, and Motion

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Open Source

Innovate with a tool built and enhanced by the developer community.


Deploy Huly on-premise for ultimate security and oversight.

Web and Desktop

Effortlessly switch between web and native Windows, Mac, or Linux apps.

No Vendor Lock-In

Enhance your workflow without disrupting your ecosystem.

Augmenting GitHub Projects for Agile and Scrum teams

Huly is your ultimate task, project, and time management solution meticulously crafted for developers and product teams alike. Whether you're a seasoned coder, a project manager, or part of a dynamic product development crew, Huly empowers you to optimize your workflow and achieve unparalleled productivity.

Features overview

Project Management

2-way Github integration

Built to help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently and stay on top of your work

Unified Platform

Task management, time planning, and communication —— all in one app for a streamlined workflow.

2-way Google calendar integration

Built to help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently and stay on top of your work

Real-Time Collaboration

Instantly chat and collaborate on issues within Huly, fostering better teamwork and faster resolutions.

Task & Project Management

Manage anything and everything

Spend less time managing and more time delivering with tools designed for efficiency. Empower your teams with data-driven insights and streamlined sprint planning. Prioritize and track your backlog with a full view of your project landscape.

Agile Boards Customized for You

Personalize your Scrum or Kanban boards to mirror your team's workflow.

2-Way GitHub Sync

Leverage the power of Huly’s two-way GitHub integration to keep your project boards and code repositories in sync. Plan your sprints, assign GitHub issues, and monitor progress in a collaborative space that updates in real-time, mirroring your GitHub activity.

Sprint Planning Made Simple

Effortlessly create sprints from GitHub issues, assign tasks, and set sprint goals.

Metrics and Reporting

Track velocity, burn-down, and other critical metrics without leaving Huly.

Unified Communication Hub

Your Collaborative Command Center

Navigate through updates and collaborate with ease. Huly's Inbox & Chat streamlines notifications, messages, and tasks, ensuring you're always in the loop and ready to act.

Comprehensive Inbox

Effortlessly manage task updates and notifications in a powerful inbox that doubles as a command center for managers.

Integrated Team Chat

Converse, collaborate, and create threads directly tied to tasks and updates, keeping conversations focused and fruitful.

Seamless Slack Integration

Combine the power of Slack with Huly for a two-way sync that keeps your communications in one place.

Direct Messaging & Channels

Directly reference tasks in DMs or channels for quick, context-rich communication, without ever leaving Huly.

Notification Customization

Tailor your notification preferences to stay informed the way you want, on both desktop and mobile OS platforms.

Comprehensive Time Planning

Synchronize, Plan, Thrive

Integrate personal diligence and team dynamics with advanced planning tools. Balance work and well-being by aligning individual tasks with team goals.

Personal Productivity

Align your work with personal habits using our Gmail Calendar integration, block focus time, and visualize tasks on a comprehensive calendar view.

Seamless Task Scheduling

Easily drag tasks onto your calendar, set aside dedicated work time, and create repeating tasks for daily routines and habits.

Team Synchronization

Prepare for team success with shared calendars, meeting agendas, and transparent daily planning that supports team availability and absence tracking.

Efficient Team Planning

Plan and schedule team work with ease, identify bottlenecks, and gain insights with time reports that require no manual tracking.

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