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Huly, an open-source platform, serves as an all-in-one replacement of Linear, Jira, Slack, and Notion.

Everything you need for productive team work:

  • Team Planner
  • Project Management
  • Virtual Office
  • Chat
  • Documents
  • Inbox

Unmatched productivity

Huly is a process, project, time, and knowledge management platform that provides amazing collaboration opportunities for developers and product teams alike.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Work efficiently with instant access to common actions.

  • Team Planner. Keep track of the bigger picture by viewing all individual tasks in one centralized team calendar.

  • Notifications. Keep up to date with any changes by receiving instant notifications.

  • Time-blocking. Transform daily tasks into structured time blocks for focused productivity.

Work together. Like in the office.

Create customized virtual office spaces for any department or event with high quality audio and video conferencing.

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Collaborating with remote teams is easy in your virtual office environment. Enjoy real-time communication within your workspace without additional software hassle.

  • Customize workspace

    Customize workspace

    Create your own offices and meeting rooms to suit your team's needs.

  • Audio and video calls

    Audio and video calls

    Collaborate efficiently and seamlessly with high quality virtual conferencing.

  • Invite guests

    Invite guests

    Meet with guests without ever needing to leave your workspace.

Sync with GitHub. Both ways.

Manage your tasks efficiently with Huly's bidirectional GitHub synchronization. Use Huly as an advanced front-end for GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects.

  • Two-way synchronization

    Integrate your task tracker with GitHub to sync changes instantly.

  • Private tasks

    Integration and management of multiple data repositories effectively.

  • Multiple repositories

    Organize multiple projects for more effective planning and collaboration.

  • Milestone migration

    Seamless migration of key project milestones between repositories.

  • Track progress

    Keep track of GitHub contributions and changes within your workspace.

  • Advanced filtering

    Precise project data search with advanced filtering capabilities.

Huly MetaBrain

Connect every element of your workflow to build a dynamic knowledge base. Soon, Huly AI will turn it into a powerful asset — a second brain for your team.

  • Create tasks. Schedule your personal events and todos.

  • Plan your work. Visualize your workday in your planner.

  • Take notes.
    Create documents to keep track of team resources

  • Sync in real time. Connect with your team instantly to monitor progress and track updates.

  • Chat with team. Send DM and create group chats.

  • Manage projects. Customize your workspace to fit the needs of your teams.

Knowledge at

Huly offers a wide range of features to create and manage your project documentation. Huly's suite of collaborative editing tools boosts team efficiency.

Documents in Huly can be used for sharing reference materials among team members, collaborating on plans and roadmaps, storing meeting notes and assigning action items.

With live real-time collaboration, remote teams are able to work together to bring a unified vision to life on the page. Tagging users, linking to issues, and assigning action items are just a few of the advanced solutions available within the Huly document editor.

Documents can be enhanced with rich text formatting, images, attachments and code blocks. Use documents to organize team plans, create technical documentation and support your team's progress towards shared goals.

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